Honey Plus Kalvanji – 400 Grams

Honey Plus Kalvanji is the best to increase the defensive (immune system) power of your body. It also strengthens your nervous system and makes you healthy.

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Honey Plus Kalvanji – 400 Grams

Honey Plus Kalvanji beneficial in problems associated with your system. Altaiba Honey Plus Kalvanji strengthens your muscles and eliminates bad smell from your mouth. It also strengthens your nerves system and make healthy. Honey corrects a gastric problem. Honey is best for thinning the blood, best for improving physical and mental state also as increasing sexual power and calming coughs. Honey has many health benefits like maintains cholesterol level and cures heart related problems, Invigorates your systema alimentarium. Honey maintains your pressure, helps to manage your cholesterol level, minimizes the consequences of skyrocketing age.

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Brand: Altaiba

Product Type: Honey Include: Honey plus Ginger

Best to increase your immune system

Best to protect you from bacteria and virus

Makes you active and maintains the flexibility of the spinal cord and your body

Beneficial in problems related to your respiratory system

Beneficial to alleviate your heart-related problems

Weight: 400 Grams

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