Miswak Double Pack Large – Pack of 1

Miswak had been a Sunnah of each Prophet. The twig of a tree is named a miswak. it’s an energetic thanks to brushing your teeth. Covers medicinal and organic benefits.



Miswak Double Pack Large – Pack of 1

The twig of a tree is named miswak. it’s an efficient way of cleaning your teeth. It contains medicinal and organic benefits. By studying the history of the globe, you’ll find that the employment of miswak was stylish within pre-historic times. Many cultures on this earth accustomed use miswak for his or her dental hygiene as there was no toothbrush at that point. Miswak had been a Sunnah of each Prophet (Upon all be Peace) and also the truth is that miswak has been used on an everyday basis and even on a usual by most of the Muslims everywhere the globe for hundreds of years. they are doing follow the Sunnah of their Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He (Peace Be Upon Him) has advised us to use the miswak on an everyday basis. Shopup.pk International is providing natural oral hygiene to its customers by providing miswaks from peel tree roots. Miswak from the peel tree contains special attributes. Peel tree miswak has been used for hundreds of years to keep up dental health.

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  • Brand: Altaiba

    Product: Miswak

    Quantity: Pack of 1

    Fight tooth decay and cavities

    Protects against tartar and plaque

    Fight harmful bacteria and germs

    Protect and strengthens the gums

    Refreshing aftertaste

    Weight: 16 Grams

    Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 8 centimeters

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