Qalmi (Big Size) Dates – 1000 Gram

Qalmi Dates help in healing the liver from many sponging diseases and good medicine for hepatitis and it covers vitamins B2. It is good appetizer.



Qalmi (Big Size) Dates – 1000 Gram

Qalmi dates are rich in minerals and are also antioxidants. Qalmi dates contain a high quantity of potassium and thus can help to prevent diarrhea. Qalmi Date helps support bowel movements and thus relieves your constipation. Qalmi Date avoids overeating because the fast is over. When the body begins to soak up the high nutritional value of dates, the sensation of hunger subsides. Additionally, the system can get plenty of help from consuming them, since they need significant amounts of potassium. Altaiba Qalmi Date is small in size. The origin of Qalmi dates is Oman and its color is black. These fall in the category of premium dates. Qalmi dates are very sweet and rubbery.

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Brand: Altaiba

Product: Date

Contain a high percentage of carbohydrates

Control blood sugar levels

Helps your kidneys function better

Good for bone and teeth

Regulates your blood pressure

Cholesterol-free, sodium-free and fat-free

Good for fat loss

Weight: 1000 Grams

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