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Sidr Honey Plus Berry- 250 Grams

Sidr Berry Honey is a gift of nature for mankind. Berry Honey tree described is additionally within the Holy Quran. Sidr honey consists of the many attributes.



Sidr Honey Plus Berry- 250 Grams

Sidr Berry honey is that the best in odor and taste. Benefits of Berry Honey are over normal honey. As associated with simple honey, berry honey establishes its effects more promptly. Berry honey is loved most in Arabian countries due to its enormous benefits. Sidr honey avail within the best price from other companies. it’s exclusive and incomparable also.

Brand: Altaiba

Product Type: Honey Include: Sidr Honey Plus Berry

Strengthens your nervous system

Increases your masculine strength

Reduces the effects of old age

controls your blood pressure

Invigorates your heart and improves your blood circulation

Improves your remembrance power

Helpful in curing gout, backache and joint pain

Strengthens your liver and its functions

Best tonic for the weakness of your bones

Weight: 250 Grams

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